Emotional intelligence is about attitude

Although emotions are often directly triggered by external events, studies show our reaction to them is intrinsically linked to in built attitudes. If we change our attitude toward ourself and others, our filters resulting emotions will change and behaviours will follow.

Emotional Intelligence is about awareness

Emotional intelligence encourages self reflection and increased awareness of others, it helps ground intuition and feelings into our thinking processes. It helps make sense of your natural human instincts when dealing with challenging situations and change.

How do I find out my EQ?

Emotional Intelligence profiling looks at the behaviours, feelings and attitudes that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. Book a free chemistry call and lets see if it’s right for you!

How do I improve my EQ?

Being aware of your traits and how they impact people means you can cultivate new habits to upgrade them, improve your interactions with people and management of yourself. This is all an upgrade to your EQ!

emotional intelligence coaching

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is how a person manages their personality to be personally and interpersonally effective.

How emotionally intelligent we are can affect how we perform at work and in life generally.

Emotional Intelligence can help make you a better you

Emotional intelligence identifies limiting beliefs and habits as well shines a light on the areas you excel. This awareness can boost confidence at the same time as providing a self development roadmap to get you closer to where you really want to be.

Emotional intelligence is not fixed, it’s a muscle we can strengthen

Unlike some personality profiles that are fixed, emotional intelligence is something we can flex and strengthen over time. The more we notice our reactions in the moment, the better we get at it. Some days we will be better than others, heightened awareness of why we react the way we do leads to more positive feelings on trying days and overall better emotional wellbeing. Who doesn’t want that?!

How does emotional intelligence coaching work?

Check out our blog post to find out more about emotional intelligence profiling and coaching with La Dolce Vita