A-Z of Emotional Intelligence - Q is for Quotient

EQ is not something you can study and then suddenly achieve after a week or even a month. You will not (or should not!) get a certificate after a course or coaching programme that says, “XX is certified as emotionally intelligent”. Tuning into your emotional intelligence is a habit that takes time

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Sarah Potter
A-Z of Emotional Intelligence - P is for Practice

Have you ever felt stuck in a behaviour that you know doesn’t serve you but also saying things like this? 

I’ve always done it like this!

I can’t change now

Making new habits is too hard

It’s how it/we has/have always been, I don’t know where to start with changing it

It’s all just a bit too much effort isn’t it?

Let me ask you a question.

How is it living with the things that you know are suboptimal in your life right now? Hard right.

Check out the blog to see how practice at using your Emotional Intelligence muscles can help you get out of stuck and living a sweeter life.

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Sarah Potter
Is journalling really worth it?

Do people tell you that journalling is life changing, but you just can’t fathom how they can either:

  1. Find 10-15 minutes a day to do it or

  2. That 10-15 minutes a day can actually make any difference to your life.

I used to think the same “i’m not that kind of person” is what I would think when someone extolled the virtues of journalling. Find out why i changed my mind and my life as a result of taking up the habit

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A-Z of Emotional Intelligence - O is for Opportunity

Are you doing a job that you didn’t think you’d end up in? Do you often feel like you are living someone else’s life? As if your destiny is something different, but you’re not sure what or how you will get there? Do you feel like you can offer so much more to the world, but aren’t sure how to unlock your potential? Emotional Intelligence Profiling can offer personal insights into your untapped and unrecognised strengths as well as cultivate the self-awareness to develop your weaknesses.

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Sarah Potter
The A-Z of Emotional Intelligence - N is for Neurological Evidence

The emotional intelligence profile framework is based an underpinning of neurological evidence and can have the effect of radically improving your effectiveness at work, enrich personal relationships or even inspire a complete career change. To find out more and see if it’s the spark you need to unlock your sweet life, check out this blog post

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Sarah Potter
In the A-Z of Emotional Intelligence - M is for Management

Do you find yourself frustrated that you’re not where you want to be in life or work?

Do you dread Sunday nights for the week that lays ahead?

Do you wonder what you can do to explore alternatives? Either to make the situation you are in better or to create a new one entirely.

The behaviours matrix of the emotional intelligence profile looks at the balance between self-management and relationship management. This identifies areas that you may have been acting in self-limiting or facilitative ways as opposed to the ideal effective position when it comes to important relationships in your life.

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Sarah Potter
The A-Z of Emotional Intelligence - L is for Love

Emotional Intelligence profiling may have been scientifically developed and tested for work but honing your emotional intelligence will help bring more love into all areas of your life. 

1. Attitude - How you approach the 🌍

2. Feeling - Your sense of your own and others feelings

3. Self Management - You Vs habit & circumstance 

4. Relationship Management - How you respond to others

5. Reflective Learning - Piecing it all together to consistently learn and cultivate more love for yourself and the people around you.

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Sarah Potter
The A-Z of Emotional Intelligence - K is for Knowing

Do you ever get that “gut feeling”? The pull to make one call vs another?

A choice which on paper makes less or no sense but you know in your heart/gut is the one for you. Do you trust that feeling or try to rationalise it away?

That feeling is your inner knowing. Find out how Emotional Intelligence can help you tune into it in my latest blog post.

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