why La dolce vita?

If you love what you do then you never feel like you work a day in your life, indeed life = love when you love what's making you get up out of bed every day.

Affectionately known by friends and family as the 'Cake Lady' due to a lifelong talent for baking cakes Sarah Potter started working life climbing the corporate ladder at a large oil company. Forever grateful for the education and experiences that opportunity bestowed upon her at a young age, it never quite felt right.

Having enjoyed working in global marketing roles for much of her corporate career Sarah decided to take that experience and broaden her horizons working within other countries instead of just flying in for a few days here and there.

A rather long overland trip from Milton Keynes to Beijing and then on to Melbourne beckoned to make that happen. It was in Melbourne that Sarah set up her own marketing consultancy, here she worked with many energetic, passionate and incredibly talented small businesses of the foodie city.

In late 2015 the call came to help launch some very important programmes for Run For a Cure Africa in Lagos, Nigeria. Using marketing powers for good felt like the right thing to do so she hotfooted it over just in time for New Year.

Much of Sarah's career development and expansion over the past 3 years was enabled with the coaching and tools bestowed upon her by her wonderful coach Nick Marlow. Having known the power that personal coaching can enable, Sarah is now training for her own European Mentoring & Coaching Council accreditation to help other people do the same.

"Coaching enabled me to create my own version of "La Dolce Vita" or the sweet life in English." Sarah Potter

Who does not want to create a life that allows them to be their best self and live their own "La Dolce Vita"? Sweet due to her talents and passion for creating a range of sweet treats over at Peony Bakes and Around the World in 80 Cakes and because, well who doesn't want a sweet life?!

Sarah Potter Cake Lady